BaySys SSC Meeting Feb18 - 2021

This SSC meeting will focus on the observation-modeling integration aspects of the project. Teams will provide updates on their integrated manuscripts and discuss how it will fit into the Phase 2 report to address the overall BaySys objectives:

“This research project will examine the influence of freshwater on Hudson Bay marine and coastal systems. More specifically, it will provide a scientific basis to separate climate change effects from those of hydroelectric regulation of freshwater on physical, biological and biogeochemical conditions in Hudson Bay.”

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Abstract This section will serve as a way to review the discussion and information that needs to be included in the Integration Chapter of the Phase 2 report. The purpose of the Integration Chapter is to address cross-team issues and topics, while presenting it based on a systems approach. Presenters are asked to provide 15 min presentations discussing the integrational aspects and results of ongoing research based on a systems approach. The integration papers listed should be highlighted through the presentations and discussions but please don’t just review each paper but rather provide an overview and integration building up these papers.
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