URL: http://lwbin-datahub.ad.umanitoba.ca/dataset/df8570b0-5610-4dc6-9c2d-ddbd21167cb1/resource/8983b9da-6677-4b07-b6c9-bdc779060201/download/oxygen_conductivity_temperature.csv

This data includes records for five lakes at FortWhyte Alive. At 1 metre intervals, dissolved oxygen (mg/L), dissolved oxygen saturation (%), conductivity and specific conductivity (mS/cm), temperature (Celsius) are measured monthly. Other data includes Secchi depth (cm) in summer, and snow and ice depth in winter.


Resource Dictionary

Column Name Original Data Type Override Type Custom Label Notes
_id int
sampling_date timestamp Sample Date
sampler_id text Sampler ID
lake_name text Lake Name
water_quality_notes text Water Quality Notes
lake_aeration_system_notes text
gps_coordinates_utm text
latitude numeric
longitude numeric
secchi_depth_cm numeric
ice_thickness_cm numeric
snow_cover_cm numeric
total_depth_m numeric
sampling_depth_m numeric
dissolved_oxygen_concentration_mg_L numeric
dissolved_oxygen_percent_saturation text
conductivity_mS_cm numeric
specific_conductivity_mS_cm numeric
temperature_celsius numeric

Additional Information

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Last updated December 19, 2018
Created February 2, 2018
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Dataset Keywords dissolved oxygen,conductivity,temperature,secchi depth
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Dataset Status In Progress
Version 1.1
Research Area FortWhyte Alive,Winnipeg,Manitoba
Maintenance and update frequency Annually
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Data Collection Start 2013-03-13
Data Collection End 2018-12-05
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