Keeyask Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Project

This is the CanWIN Data Hub repository for the Keeyask Greenhouse Monitoring Project. The effects of greenhouse gas (GHG) exchange on the Nelson River are being studied at both channel and wetland sites. Metadata for this project are stored as PDFs.

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Abstract The Keeyask greenhouse gas (GHG) monitoring project is a multi-year study is devoted to the understanding of the GHG exchange dynamics in on the Nelson River. The GHG fluxes are being monitored both pre- and post- flooding of the future Keeyask Hydroelectric reservoir to account for the changes in rate, variability and controls on GHG exchange as the natural peatland and river become part of a reservoir. The project implements multiple strategies for measurements including eddy covariance measurements, submersible aquatic GHG sensors and discrete water samples.
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Research Program Name Keeyask Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Project,CEOS,University of Manitoba,Manitoba Hydro
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Keywords eddy covariance,carbon,greenhouse gas,hydroelectric reservoir,carbon fluxes,freshwater fluxes,peatland,fluxes,boreal
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