Lake Winnipeg Satellite and Chl-a derived images

MODIS is an optical sensor on board NASA’s polar orbit satellites terra and aqua, which provides daily global coverage. These Chlorophyll-a products are derived from MODIS imagery. Chlorophyll-a is calculated from the Fluorescence Line Height (FLH) using an algorithm developed by Greg McCullough from the University of Manitoba. FLH is calculated using the Surface Reflectance from these MODIS bands.

The files in the Zip file are Chloropyll-a products over Lake Winnipeg for the 2013 season in Geotiff format.The Geotiff files are in UTM 14 datum=WGS84 projection. The file naming conversion is 4_YYYY-MM_DD_mmss_Winnipeg_new_dos.tif, where YYYY-MM_DD_mmss is the MODIS acquistion date/time.

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